Mould Extraction & Remediation in the Richmond Hill, ON, Area

Mould should always be handled by a professional because of how it can affect your well-being and the way it wrecks your property. Restoration 1 is ready to help out the Richmond Hill, ON, area and eliminate mould from your home. Our team of experts has the knowledge and expertise to locate, test and identify the type of mould that’s thriving in your space. Then our specialists are able to alleviate the damages and eliminate the spores by using the proper methods. Restoration 1 is dedicated to making your property secure again. If you’ve observed any mould developing in your home, or you believe it’s there, reach out to our expert team so that we can eliminate it.

Dim spaces and no ventilation is where mould flourishes. It has a tendency to grow and thrive without your knowledge, and water damage can generate mould growth too. When this occurs, you need to get a contractor who‘s trained in mould removal services in order to keep your home secure. It’s important to get this taken care of before it creates more problems down the road.


Identifying the location of mould is an important, first step in eradication.


Knowing the species of mould allow us to know how best to eradicate it.


Disposing of the mould and properly treating the area will make your home secure.


Repairing damages and cleaning the infected areas will reclaim your home's original condition.

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Mould can be a common problem with most properties in Richmond Hill, ON. A lot of times mould could be growing and flourishing and causing damage to your property and creating major health risks for your family. Restoration 1 is your finest mould removal and restoration company.

The common mould spore is prevalent in nature and can enter your residence in a variety of ways. Even though it’s not dangerous at this point, if given the right setting, mould spores can quickly spread. After three days, untreated water damage will develop abundant mould growth. Eradicate the harmful effects of mould in your house and have the service professionals with Restoration 1 to remove it thoroughly, treat the infected area and restore your space to its original state.

To efficiently eradicate the mould, our team seals off the contaminated area, stopping the mould from being released into the air. Then, our service technicians get rid of the heavily affected areas and sterilize the remaining space with highly specialized anti-microbial chemicals. We then get rid of the mould spores that are airborne with specialized equipment. You can count on Restoration 1 to offer you first-rate mould removal, mitigation and repair services.

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